You are my heart rhythm symphony, is my love back.Is shed a beautiful fragrance, moist the depths of my dream.Is the flower drifting, is the desire between the towers.

We are so similar, I am in the release of my own, intoxicated with their own,So much to get enough intoxicated,

You are the temple of my soul,

you are the pillar of my beauty and love,Is my hysterical dream.



The memory of the story,From a long time ago,We are listeners to each other,Is the habit of each other to accompany,Heart across a wall,

Always do not know what that scene,Then never want to cross to the side to see,Only know that you are on the side of the wall.

Also in my youth rippling memories ... ...Youth floating for many years.


I remember,Every one of you,Your not the same,Like climbing the Campsis,Spread to my heart,As has been written in the memory of a small note,

It yellowed the screen,Opened the memory of the heart wall,When I muster the courage to start the moment,

I will be transformed into a glass of water,In the docked the moment, so that love waves.